Hello world! OSX (SOS!)

OSX SOS! Answers to your Mac problemsWelcome to OSX SOS!

Having passed the 50 year milestone I find I am starting to forget things!

Consequently I made  this site as a repository for some of my Mac tinkering and troubleshooting tips that I constantly seem to provide to friends family and clients.

If successful, I hope the site to eventually evolve into an info and tips resource that may help mac users navigate their way out of those tricky “lost at sea” moments that can sometimes occur when using Apple’s mostly wonderful OSX operating system. Other topics include Apple and third party software, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV.

I hope you find this site useful but in no way guarantee the procedures or products mentioned within these pages – i.e. if you’re not sure and don’t know the difference between Terminal & errr… terminal. then please – just take it to an Applestore!



Full Disclosure: This site is funded by the various links to products or services found within its pages…